For international participants, the best entry point to China is Beijing, although you can choose to enter China via Shanghai.

If you choose Shanghai, there are two flights from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Qinhuangdao City. One departs at 8:45am and the other departs at 10:30am. Once you arrive at the Shanhaiguan Airport, you can take a taxi to the conference hotel.

If you choose Beijing, the transportation is as follows: 

From Beijing International Airport to Qinghuang City

While there are a number of options to get to Qinhuangdao City from Beijing International Airport, the best way recommended is to take a shuttle bus. There are shuttle buses from Beijing International Airport to Qinhuangdao City EVERY ONE HOUR from 9:00 to 21:00.  The shuttle departs at Gate #3 on the first floor of T3 Terminal and Gate #15 on the first floor of T2 Terminal.  Travel time is roughly 3.5 hours (depending on traffic), and tickets can be purchased on-site at the bus station at the airport for \130 (about Canadian/US $20.00).

We will arrange volunteers to help you to get to the conference hotel when you arrive at Qinhuangdao City. Depending on the flight concentrativity of international participants, we might have a volunteer to help you at Beijing International Airport on October 14th, if necessary.

From Qinghuang City to Beijing International Airport

There are shuttle buses from Qinghuangdao City to Beijing International Airport EVERY ONE HOUR from 5:00 to 17:00.  If your flight is on the same day, please budget sufficient time for commuting to Beijing as the ground transformation might be much longer than estimated.

The address of the bus station at Qinhuangdao City is: No. 405, Beihuan Road, Haigang District.

If you decide to stay one night in Beijing, you may consider taking the ‘Dong’ train from Beidaihe Station to Beijing, for which the train number starts with letter ‘D’ to Beijing. The price is about \100 (USD 15) and the ride itself is about two hours, not taking into account the time entering/exiting train stations. Those trains with the number starting other than ‘D’ (such as ‘T’, ‘K’ or a digit) are much slower ( the ride itself may be 4-6 hours).